Austin Audio started in 1996. We have been ​serving central Texas for 19yrs.

HEOS by Denon 

Fire-Fx Media Servers 

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design

Featured Products:

* Austin Home Theater 

* remodel wire work

* Automation systems 

* Prewires & retro wire work

* Surveillance Cameras 

* Tv installs and moving help

We have some pretty cool gear these days to boast about. Brands like HEGEL, ELAC, TOTEM, ROKSAN, URC and RTi. Brands that bring the highest quality components and design to the market. They must be placed in the proper hands to appreciate.  

 * Home Theater Systems

      Home Audio Systems

"Great systems are created by great people" ​

Enjoy the best gear you can afford. Seriously, why would you want less performance for your money? We consistently get more function and performance out of our clients systems every time. 

We understand you like your equipment to perform great but you don't  want to take out a home loan to get some great performance. So, we will try to show you some gear that will perform and be affordable at the same time. And we can prove it. 

We meet with vendors and equipment providers weekly, asking for the latest and best performance equipment we can get our hands on. We know that's a tall order these days and our vendors work hard looking for the best deals they can find. The goal is to leave you satisfied with quality equipment you can afford.

"Performance & Simplicity" These are our main goals on every project we develop at AustinAudio. Life's just to short to work on problems right out of the gate.  

We constantly work hard at hiding wires, adjusting mounts for best viewing angles and producing visual performance that's second to none. Make it work and move on…Already!

The owner and lead designer at Austin Audio Quint Berry. Who's also known as QB,"That Stereo Guy", Quint'on or Clint Is always up for a challenge. And he's ok with the odd names. Quint Is still working hard to create powerful & beautiful AV systems that are truly fun to use and timeless in design.

Above, our new store and meeting area where we show off our unique AV products, talk about your system details, and give hands on demonstrations. 

The idea was to have a personal experience with attention to you, not the guy in phone accessories wandering over to start up a "chat". Like where do I run?, really!

About Us

We started out as a simple installation company back in 1996. was pretty much at "Ground Zero" of the whole Smart House movement.We have grown a lot and would love to show you our new store in North Austin.

We don't over design our system just because the client can afford more. A good design will grow with that client gracefully and allow upgrading when needed. Our goal is to develop the best value in our designs with that in mind. Having the skills that allow us to work hard for our current and new clients has allowed us to stay in the game after 19 years. 

​Our groundbreaking equipment and breathtaking AV designs can be found all around central Texas in homes, restaurants, and businesses.  

When we design our systems for our clients, we take our project development cue from product industry leaders and Up-scale designers. the highest compliment we can receive is having our projects, whether private residences or commercial, operate in harmony with their surroundings and perform at their highest level.