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​Power down all computers on the network. Unplug both the cable or dsl modem and router from their power source. Wait a few minutes. Plug in the modem and wait until the lights on the modem stop blinking. This could take up to a minute. When the cable or dsl modem lights are steady, plug the router back in. Again, wait until the lights stop blinking. Then power on each device on the network one at a time. This is known as power cycling your network and this can often restore connectivity.
Shut down and restart the device. Try moving the device closer to the access point. If this solves the problem, you are having signal interference. It can be caused by many things, including leaded glass, metal-reinforced concrete walls and floors or simply too much distance between your computer and the access point. Check the firmware of the device. Make sure there are no updates that have been applied that are effecting the wifi signal. 
1. I cannot access my network or the internet from any device on the network.
2. I cannot access the network from a particular device, but all other devices are working fine. 
Sometimes your home network goes down. With some simple steps, we can get your network up and running.