"Why should music be confined to the indoors? Was Woodstock indoors? Outdoor speakers let you enjoy music everywhere: sunbathing by the pool, playing in the yard with the kids or even tending the garden."

​These Outdoor speakers are designed to simulate natural rocks or foliage within your landscape and can be placed anywhere natural rock, plants, or trees would be found.​ Bring rich sound to your patio with these speakers that cleverly hide in your landscaping to provide big sound without being a big distraction. 
​​​Before you purchase any Outdoor TV, Remote, or Soundbar ask the company, "If water got inside would it survive? "If not, get it SEALOC. Every Sealoc Outdoor Television and Accessories is now more protected than any outdoor product in the market, by using a new technology called Nano-Coating. This military based coating now makes it possible for electronics to be submerged without any casing so that the device would look and contain its normal shape without any covers. Use normal TV brands you love such as Samsung and LG. 
​We have a vast amount of wall mounted outdoor speakers. Whether it's the simplistic styling of Stealth or the powerful sound of Bose. We can sit down and decide which speaker is right for your outdoor needs. These speakers can mount in a wall or cleanly on the wall and provide you with an abundant amount of sound. 

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The award-winning OutCast, OutCast jr, and Melody is a weather-resistant outdoor wireless speaker that unleashes rich omni-directional stereo sound throughout your house, backyard, and patio. You can even achieve quality sound at outdoor parties, at the beach, or even aboard your boat. With a broadcast range of up to 300 feet, this powerful wireless outdoor speaker receives transmissions through walls, floors, and ceilings without the hassle of running wires. Use the BlueCast, iCast, or UAT transmitters to tailor your audio needs and stream your music wirelessly.