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You might say all mounts are created the same, well you would be very wrong in this department. We use quality mounts from Chief and Omni for a reason. They are built for smooth action, large weight stability and longevity.

If you use "basic mounts" you'll probably soon see what an out of level TV can looks like. Quirky and squeaky arms don't cut it here at AustinAudio.

Tired of dropped cell phone calls? A revolutionary cell phone signal booster for demanding professional coverage applications, the zBoost CI YX745 is a Bi- Directional Amplifier (BDA) System which captures and amplifies cell signal to extend a Cell ZoneTM up to 12,000 square feet, supporting both 800MHz (Cellular) and 1900MHz (PCS) bands. The zBoost YX745 is designed for the professional installer and sold only to professional installers.

The start of every good system is its pre-wire plan. We use Cat6 High speed data wire or Fiber if requested on every install. And with lighting fast downloads and upgraded network needs in our future, doing the plan "B" option after the house is built will cost Plan B (Bigger Money). So, plan this project like you would your lighting under importance, you won't get another shot at it. We know you don't want an expensive retro work project in your near future as well. 

With iPad counts rising daily, we offer many control platforms to address control of our clients systems. We show here an RTi system controlling a South Austin condo's AV and lighting systems. We can also offer the power case and power dock for wireless connection to charging pads.

Automatic voltage regulation protects sensitive A/V components from damaging power fluctuations. Reliable battery support preserves settings and recordings through blackouts EMI/RFI line noise filtering improves component performance (fuller audio/sharper video)..8 widely spaced AC outlets (4 UPS/surge, 4 surge-only); USB port and FREE PowerAlert Software (Web download) 2-line 2.2 GHz cable/satellite/antenna coaxial surge protection plus single-line tel /DSL surge protection,$100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA )

Furniture for AV equipment has been improving year by year. With innovative products from MiddleAtlantic, Salamander, and Omni. We have products that relate to your needs for both stylish furniture with functional enclosures and stands. For those of you not commited to a wall mounted TV but like the look of a TV floating over your cabinet clutter free, check out the Salamander TV stands.

​D/A converters: This product has been on my list of products in most projects since the media server became such a hit. With the Apple TV product becoming such a staple in most of our homes today. One thing we didn’t get was the ability to connect our 2nd zone analog to this device. Since the Apple unit has an optical and HDMI connection only, most people loose the option for their receiver to play the same music in other parts of the house. With this device you can play all your content from your digital device to your older receiver or analog inputs.

IR receiver and transmitter kit, for use with any IR remote. Hide that equipment in your nearby cabinet and control with confidence. Standard range (up to 80 feet) for use with all types of cable boxes, satellite boxes, and remote controls. Works with CRT and DLP TVs. White, silver & black trim kit included to match any AV system.